Welcome to Azhar Academy Primary School

Azhar Academy Primary School is an Islamic school situated in Leytonstone, founded by the Azhar Academy Trust. It is a vibrant, progressive and pleasant school, with a strong Islamic ethos. We serve a diverse community and we pride ourselves to ensure that we provide our pupils with a broad and stimulating curriculum and a rich and memorable educational experience.

Our Ethos
With sincerity and for the pleasure of Allah, in collaboration with the parent community, our aim is to establish and promote a school that, under the broad framework of Islamic ethos and guidance, provides a broad and balanced education to our students, instils Islamic values in them, enriches the entire school community, promotes community cohesion and inspires an awareness of duty towards Allah, His Noble Messenger and the entire humanity.

Our Vision
Our vision is to provide an overall education which prepares each pupil with the tools and strategies needed to cope with an ever-changing world whilst also being secure in their faith and belief as a modern-day British Muslim. We also aim to ensure that our pupils know how to make a positive contribution to their community and wider society.  As Azhar is situated in Waltham Forest, a vibrant, diverse and multi-cultural borough within the City of London, we want our pupils to recognise this and play an active part in contributing to this great city. We also want our pupils to have the skills and knowledge to participate as global citizens.

Our School Aims

  • Aspire to be the best you can be
  • Achieve new learning everyday
  • Progress in your knowledge and make a difference
  • Succeed in attaining the finest characterWe are working together to:    
  • Implement the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah to develop a strong sense of faith and moral values.
  • Continue to raise standards across the school, striving towards excellence
  • Have high expectations of all our learners • Develop our children’s sense of purpose, understanding, motivation and ability to ask and answer   questions objectively
    • Maintain a team of staff who are valued and work well together
    • Continue to develop a school ethos of calmness and purposeful activity
    • Develop the physical environment in which we all work and play
    • Encourage strong school/home links
    • Inspire our community to value education and its benefits
    • Acknowledge our common values whilst embracing our differences

Our Values  

Our values run across all aspects of the school life. We value everyone as an individual learner and set high expectations so that children achieve their full potential. We believe that the teaching of Islamic values contributes to the character development of our pupils and also to the quality of their community life. This also supports the development of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of children. We recognise that children are entitled to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum and understand that learning should be active, independent and a life learning process. We are committed to preparing our pupils to make a positive contribution to the world and achieve economic well-being.

Our school ethos is underpinned by twelve core values:

Friendship Justice Respect Patience Honesty Responsibility
Faithfulness Gratefulness Resilience Creativity Forgiveness Positivity

These values are not only Islamic but are universal values, applicable to individuals of any faith or no faith.  They also sit hand in hand with the core British Values, ensuring our children develop into well rounded British Citizens.